Pearl day care cream 50 ML

Lightening cream  with pearl protein spf20+


Ref : KACOS013-1
EAN : 34966596871


Your skin can be as radiant and glowing as a fresh pearl, thanks to Karamat Cosmetics’ Pearl Day Care Cream, an SPF20+ Pearl Protein Brightening Cream that protects against UV rays while hydrating and brightening the complexion.

The anti-aging properties of this oxygen-infused cream form a long-lasting layer of protection against harmful UV rays, and reduce age spots and pigmentation while protecting the skin. Natural pearl protein activates cells to fight damage caused by internal and external factors while calming and soothing stressed skin. Protect your skin from sun damage and regain healthy, youthful skin.

Key ingredients

  • Pearl powder accelerates the skin’s natural healing process, supporting elasticity, and preventing the formation of skin spots.
  • Organic chamomile extracts from Belides gently lightens skin, eliminating hyperpigmentation and skin spots.
  • Phytosan, derived from organic soybeans, prevents premature aging by protecting the skin from UV damage and activating the skin’s natural regenerative functions. Increased collagen production means firm, wrinkle-free skin.

How to use it

  • Apply to freshly cleansed skin. Apply a small amount to face, neck and decolletage at least 30 minutes before sun exposure. See improved skin texture and radiance after just eight weeks.


  • External use only, avoid contact with eyes. Store at room temperature.

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