Castor oil hair care serum150 ml

Restores hydrophobicity to hair


Ref : KACOS018-en
EAN : 34966596925


This serum enriched with castor oil promotes hair growth. Its fortifying and stimulating action on hair is extraordinary. Used in care on all types of hair (dry, devitalized, split, brittle or frizzy…), this very nourishing oil hydrates the scalp, strengthens the fiber and accelerates hair growth. The vitamins and minerals associated with castor oil nourish the hair, while the castor oil creates a barrier that protects the hair from wind, rain etc.

10 Key Effects:

  • Repairs dry and damaged hair
  • Protects hair color
  • Long-lasting style
  • Easier brushing and straightening
  • Adds shine and vibrancy
  • Frizz control
  • Thermal protection
  • Restores hydrophobicity to hair
  • Promotes growth
  • Prevents breakage

Key ingredients

  • Ricin oil

How to use it

  • Evenly distribute on damp or dry hair. Do not rinse.


  • For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep closed and dry, below room temperature, and out of the reach of children.

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