about us

Karamat Cosmetics was born from our passion for high-quality, luxurious ingredients that are both natural and sustainable. Founded in 2016 by the Karamat team, Karamat Cosmetics offers an array of body care products crafted to the highest of standards. As the world-class chemists of our fragrance line, Karamat Collection, scouted the world for the best ingredients we realized we had a unique opportunity to bring the highest quality skin, hair, and cosmetic products from across the globe to our loyal customers, and to those who want to explore exclusive and innovative products that are not found anywhere else.

Karamat Cosmetics aims to transform the everyday beauty routine into a daily luxury spa experience for everyone. Our products are crafted with ingredients that are both rare and effective, scientifically formulated to enrich and heal while delivering a fragrance experience like no other.

Our exclusive solutions improve skin and hair quality and health while calming and nourishing the mind and soul. Each and every Karamat Cosmetics product is expertly crafted to deliver the nutrients your body needs to unlock your natural, glowing beauty. Karamat Cosmetics solutions are designed to send you on a luxury spa journey, without ever leaving your home.


Our vision is to bring rare, unique, top ingredients to innovate and make available treatment and spa-quality products to our customers across the globe, elevating the daily body care routine while nourishing both body and soul.


Our mission is to create a whole-body sensory experience for each and every one of our clientele, blending the science of quality skin and facial care with the luxury of rich ingredients that nourish the body and soul. With high-quality, certified organic ingredients, we believe that body care can be effective, eco-friendly, and enjoyable. Karamat Cosmetics brings rare and unique beauty essentials from around the world to our discerning clientele to support and encourage body health and happiness.