Fortifying hair serum 33ml

Strengthens hair & anti hair loss


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KARAMAT COSMETICS FORTE HAIR CARE SERUM TO STRENGTHEN HAIR AND FIGHT FALL is the perfect accompaniment to our Forte Ultimate Clinical Shampoo.

Ideal for all hair types and enriched with natural herbs, vitamins and minerals, this hair regimen is proven to give you shiny, lustrous, strong hair. It deeply stimulates the scalp while moisturizing it, restoring hair and making it more resistant to cuts and fall. The Ecocert certified ingredients infused in this hair conditioning serum promote hair growth, activating tiny hair follicles at the root that increase cellular cohesion, and helping to stimulate mature skin stem cells. The result is soft, strong, luminous, hydrated and detangled hair with a light satin finish.

Key ingredients

  • Caffeine revitalizes hair and accelerates hair growth by stimulating tiny hair follicles at their root.
  • Atoligomer, a natural sea water concentration, is rich in trace elements and minerals that increase cell cohesion and helps moisturize the scalp.
  • Hydranov, a substance containing ollgofurencelleran concentrate, increases ceramide synthesis in the skin by 56 percent over nine days of regular use, and keeps skin moist and hydrated for a full 24 hours.
  • Phycojuvenine, an epidermal stem cell regenerating anti-wrinkle ingredient, is derived by laminaria algae and supports the revitalization of adult skin stem cells.

How to use it

  • Spritz Karamat Cosmetics Forte Hair Care Serum to freshly washed hair, concentrating on areas of high hair fall. Massage into hair with your fingertips in the morning and evening and leave in for a minimum of four hours. Shake before use


  • Do not expose to sunlight, and avoid contact with eyes. Keep sealed, out of the reach of children, and in original packaging.

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