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Nano face spray 2-in-1 face mist + power bank - karamats cosmetics


Ref : KFCMST01-e
EAN : 34966597205


The Nano Spray Face Mist is a refillable hand-held water replenishment instrument. It uses ultrasonic wave shock technology to convert water to a nanometer scale for deep penetration and absorption. It is safe to use on the face and body to keep your skin your skin hydrated and moisturized. Only natural mineral water is recommended to be used as metasilicic acid (H2Si03) in natural mineral water has the function of beauty and anti-aging.

In addition, the use of other types of liquids can also block or produce water droplets that overflow from the spray nozzle. It is applicable to various Skin Types.

The cool mist provides an instant cooling sensation, ideal for rejuvenating in a hot environment.

It also serves as a powerbank, for phone charging. USB cables are included and alkaline batteries are not required. The bottom of the Nano Spray Face Mist has a portable power bank function, capable of charging cell phones when needed.

1. Nano spray, the diameter of spray particles is 6-7 nm, spray once a day to keep your skin moisturized and fresh.
2. Large 26ml water tank can be sprayed 6-8 times; large spray, atomized 1.5ml in one minute, can easily penetrate into the skin.
3. 2 in 1 replenish water and charger for mobile function.
4. One-Key operation, non-slip push plate.
5. small and portable, suitable for business trips, travel and shopping, enjoy hydration anytime and anywhere.
6. ultrasonic spray, quiet without interference.


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Face mist - ultrasonic -