Aloe vera shampoo 400ML

Hair control & moisture treatment


Ref : KACOS037-en
EAN : 34966597199


Aloe Vera Shampoo restores the protective sheath of the hair fibers. This hair wash helps regulate scalp imbalances such as dandruff or excess sebum. The hair is then supple, soft and shiny. But more specifically, this shampoo is enriched with anti-hair loss properties to control and limit hair loss while making it stronger and fuller.

Key ingredients

  • Aloe vera

How to use it

  • Apply a small amount to wet hair, massage, and rinse. Then apply a second time and let it set for 2 to 3 minutes as the active ingredients infuse into open pores and hair follicles. Rinse thoroughly.


  • Do not expose to sunlight, and avoid eye contact. Keep sealed, out of the reach of children, and in original packaging.

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