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Mrs. K is a woman of elegance and refinement. Trendy and timeless, Mrs. K is feminine and confident.


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Discover the elegance and refinement embodied by Mrs.K, a woman who is both trendy and timeless, feminine and confident. This fragrance reveals its sweetness with notes of honey, then asserts itself with a tangy, direct character thanks to blood orange and patchouli.

A three-step olfactory experience

  • Top notes: Gardenia, Orange. The introduction to this fragrance sets the tone with floral and fruity notes that immediately awaken the senses.

  • Heart note: Honey. The heart note envelops and softens the composition with its sweet, comforting sweetness.

  • Base note: Patchouli. This woody base note gives the fragrance a warm, lingering presence.

A fragrance for special occasions

Mrs.K is the fragrance to choose for those special occasions that call for a touch of elegance and sophistication. It will envelop you in a seductive and memorable veil.

Karamat’s commitment to your well-being

The list of ingredients in Karamat fragrances is updated periodically. Before using a Karamat product, please read the list of ingredients on the packaging to ensure that it is suitable for your personal use.

Mrs.K by Karamat Collection – For the woman of elegance and refinement, who is both trendy and timeless, this sweet yet bold fragrance is the perfect expression of confident femininity.

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