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BAKHOUR Body Mist 250ml

BAKHOUR Body Mist 250ml

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Deep and bewitching, evoking oriental evenings with its rich notes of Oud and Damask rose, perfect for fans of traditional scents.


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Bakhour Body Mist invites you on an olfactory exploration into the heart of Arab traditions. This body mist captures the essence of the Middle East with its deep, mysterious notes of oud and Damask rose. Each spray releases a rich, bewitching fragrance reminiscent of spice markets and opulent evenings under the stars. Ideal for those who appreciate bold, woody fragrances, Bakhour offers an olfactory signature that makes a strong, memorable impression.

Indian oud brings an intense, woody depth, while Damask rose adds a slightly sweet floral touch, creating a sublime contrast that evokes luxury and exoticism. This mist is perfect for formal evenings or as an everyday gesture of luxury, enriching your aura with a presence that is both ancient and regal. Bakhour is a celebration of the senses, an invitation to immerse yourself in a world where each fragrant note tells a story of mystery and fascination.

Weight 295 g


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