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Oudh 100gr

High-quality decorative crystals bring with them the sweet aroma of Oudh.


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NATURAL STONE SALT – Oudh Diffusion Crystals 100g

Evoke an atmosphere of oriental luxury in your home with our Sel de Pierre Naturelle. Our decorative diffusion crystals, infused with the mystical scent of Oudh, are a valuable addition to your wellness routine. Each package contains 100g of these luxurious crystals, ready to transform your space into a sanctuary of relaxation.

Our Natural Stone Salt is ethically harvested and carefully blended with the enchanting fragrance of Oudh. This exotic, woody scent creates a warm, soothing atmosphere, ideal for creating a relaxing environment after a busy day.

In addition to their aromatic function, these diffusion crystals are a wonderful decorative element. Their visual beauty harmoniously complements your essential oil diffuser, adding a nuance of elegance to your interior design.

To use them, simply add a small quantity of these crystals to your diffuser. Oudh’s rich fragrance is gradually released, filling your space with a comforting, woody scent that lasts.

Before using our product, we advise you to read the instructions on the packaging to ensure that it is suitable for your personal use. Let yourself be seduced by the sensory experience offered by our Sel de Pierre Naturelle – Cristaux de Diffusion Oudh, a true invitation to a sensory voyage.


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