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Oud Royal 30 ml – Diffuser Oils

Oud Royal 30 ml – Diffuser Oils

Delicately infuse your home with Oud Royal with our elegant oil diffuser


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Emanate an atmosphere of opulence and luxury with our Oud Royal fragrance essential oil. Designed to delicately infuse your living space with an elegant and decidedly regal fragrance, this essential oil transforms every room into a palace of relaxation.

Oud Royal is a majestic blend of pure oud and calm twilight roses, opening with soft notes of cedar wood. This harmonious blend of amber, musky, sweet and floral notes creates a rich, complex fragrance that awakens the senses and sets a soothing mood.

To use, simply assemble the sticks in the bottle and turn them occasionally to disperse the fragrance. Be sure to wash your hands with soap and water after handling the sticks.

We advise you to read the list of ingredients on the packaging before using our Oud Royal essential oil, as we regularly update the ingredients in our Karamat fragrances. Check that these ingredients are suitable for your personal use.

Discover the essence of luxury with our Oud Royal scented essential oil and transform your home into a veritable sanctuary of well-being.


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