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A redefinition of elegance, with Le Rubis you’ll feel and wear fresh and graceful.


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Rediscover elegance with Le Rubis, a fragrance that gives you a feeling of freshness and refined elegance. Like a flowery clearing in the heart of a forest, Le Rubis exudes the classic scent of ambergris, enriched by woody notes of balsam and cedar. Jasmine and saffron give this fragrance a floral lightness, like a delicate touch on a rich, complex canvas.

An olfactory jewel

  • Top notes: Jasmine, Saffron. These initial notes offer an explosion of freshness and sensuality, a daring introduction to an extraordinary olfactory experience.

  • Heart note: Ambergris. The middle note is the soul of the fragrance, a rich, bewitching accord that leaves an unforgettable imprint.

  • Base notes: Cedarwood, Fir Balsam. These notes provide a woody depth, a solid foundation on which the rest of the fragrance blossoms.

A fragrance for special moments

Wear this seductive fragrance only on special occasions. Ruby will leave a lasting impression of delicacy and sophistication. Each spray of this fragrance is a tribute to your unique presence.

Committed to your well-being

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Rubis de Karamat Collection – an invitation to an olfactory journey where elegance is reinvented with every note. It’s more than a fragrance, it’s a celebration of your innate elegance.

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Karamat Collection


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