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FATINA Body Mist 250ml

FATINA Body Mist 250ml

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Elegant and irresistible, it blends aromas of pear, iris and orange blossom for a soft, sweet trail, ideal for special occasions.


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Fatina Body Mist is an enchanted journey through a floral garden, where each spray releases aromas of pear, iris and orange blossom to create a soft, irresistibly feminine ambience. This body mist is the epitome of delicacy, skilfully combining fruity and floral notes in an olfactory symphony that enchants and seduces.

Fatina is designed for women who appreciate elegance and sophistication. It’s the perfect fragrance to complement an evening outfit or to add a touch of refinement to your everyday life. Notes of pear and blackcurrant open beautifully, offering an initial freshness that is then enveloped by the deeper, sweeter tones of iris and jasmine. Orange blossom, meanwhile, infuses a Mediterranean sweetness that prolongs the fragrance’s longevity on the skin. Patchouli, praline, tonka bean and vanilla form the base, anchoring the fragrance with a warm, sweet finish that remains discreet yet captivating throughout the day.

These body mists aren’t just perfumes; they’re an extension of your personality, designed to magnify your presence and embellish every moment of your life with a touch of fragrant beauty.

Weight 295 g



250 ml





Note de Tete

pear, blackcurrant.

Heart note

iris, jasmine, orange blossom.

Background note

patchouli, praline, tonka bean and vanilla.

Olfactory Family





Karamat Collection


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