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Assiah captivates with the scents of romance, paying homage to radiance and femininity.


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Assiah, a fragrance that captures the essence of romance, pays tribute to radiance and femininity. Heart notes of rose are delicately enhanced by sparkling top notes of dewdrops and lemon, creating a fresh, feminine fragrance. The warmth of vanilla sugar and the depth of cedarwood harmonize to anchor the floral heart and free the imagination.

A ballet of olfactory notes

  • Top notes: Gouttes de Rosée, Lemon. These lively, refreshing top notes pave the way for an olfactory experience full of energy and vitality.

  • Heart notes: Rose Loukoum. The heart of Assiah is dominated by rose, offering a floral, soft and irresistibly feminine center.

  • Base notes: Vanilla Sugar, White Musk, Cedarwood. These base notes bring enveloping warmth and earthy depth, balancing the fragrance’s floral sweetness.

A fragrance for special occasions

Choose Assiah for those unique and special moments. Its delicious freshness and feminine elegance will envelop you in a halo of seduction and refinement.

Karamat’s commitment to your well-being

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Assiah by Karamat Collection – An olfactory tribute to radiant femininity and romance. Discover the softness of a fragrance that evokes the tenderness of a cool summer morning, the charm of a rose garden and the mystery of a mystical wood.

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